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Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum
Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum


The Hamgam is innovative instrument made by Majid Karami which
starts the new line of percussion: wooden melodic membranophone.
It stands apart from all other instruments, both phonetically and visually.
The handmade wooden HAMGAM combined 7 tunable playing areas made from 1 mm plywood. These include: lowest top note, 1 snare surface and 5 other drum membranes that retain the percussion sound. The tunability is accomplished by a refined and simple magnetic system. By moving the magnets on the playing surfaces the endless sound variations can be achieved.
The membranes has different sound in the center and on the edges,
and you can also play bends on them and play muted sounds.

The integrated snare wires can be adjusted by a screw inside the instrument. The screw is easily accessible by a handle through the sound hole in the HAMGAM. In addition, the HANGAM is equipped with 2 Kaskaritas (clappers), these have different sizes, in order to also produce different sounds. The instrument is very
convenient playable by its size, shape and light weight (2.5 kg) on the lap and on a rack.





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